Who We Are

Access to Justice

Every day, GBLS的律师和律师助理为低收入人群提供重要的法律建议和代理. In addition, 成千上万的其他贫困家庭和个人受益于GBLS代表其客户进行的系统性宣传. A few examples include:

  • 由于管理监护权的法律得到改善,受虐妇女及其子女的安全得到加强, visitation, and restraining orders.
  • 改善了数千名残疾人使用公共交通的机会, 2006年4月,GBLS代表原告与马萨诸塞湾运输局(Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority)达成集体诉讼和解.
  • 改善对在美国寻求庇护的政治和性别迫害受害者的保护.S.
  • 提高低薪工人的小时工资,因为波士顿的生活工资条例和马萨诸塞州提高了最低工资.
  • Improvement of the unemployment system for low-wage workers, non-English speaking claimants, and domestic violence survivors.
  • Long term preservation of close to 3,000 units of affordable housing for the poor, elderly, and disabled, which were going to be converted to market-rate rents.

The Need

Despite all GBLS' extraordinary work, it is not enough. Every day, 五个合法索赔的客户中有三个因为人手不足而被拒绝. 这些人有正当的法律要求,没有其他地方可以寻求正义.


Our Mission


GBLS plays a unique role in the social service delivery system. 它是在没有其他人可以提供帮助和需要法律援助时,其他提供者向其推荐客户的机构.

Our clients are:

  • 家庭暴力的受害者和他们的孩子需要保护不受虐待,
  • homeless families seeking access to emergency shelter or permanent housing
  • families facing destitution in need of subsistence benefits
  • low-income renters facing possible homelessness
  • 需要关键收入和医疗福利的老年人和残疾人
  • 逃离酷刑和迫害的移民需要在我国得到保护
  • and low-wage workers denied their earned wages and benefits.


Headshot of Executive Director Jacquelynne J. Bowman, who is wearing a white shirt and dark jacket.
Jacquelynne J. Bowman Executive Director

Jacquelynne J. Bowman于2011年8月成为GBLS的执行董事,负责GBLS的整体管理和运营. 她最初是作为高级律师在GBLS工作,然后是家庭法律部门的管理律师. She left GBLS in 1991, 在MLRI担任家庭和青少年法律事务的州支持律师. Jacqui returned to GBLS in 1998, first as an Associate Director and then later became the Deputy Director. 她是全国公认的家庭和青少年法律以及法律实践管理专家. 她任职于SJC的Access to Justice Commission以及几家非盈利组织的董事会.

Contact: 617-603-1805; Email: jbowman@natsume-lab.com

Headshot of Ana Cruz, Director of Development, 谁穿着蓝色的裙子,戴着黑色的项链,在一些植物前微笑.
Ana Cruz Director of Development

Ana Cruz于2016年12月加入GBLS,负责监督和指导该组织的筹款和沟通工作. In her role as Director of Development, she supervises a talented and knowledgeable staff of five, 与董事会发展委员会及相关小组委员会密切合作. 安娜于2005年在旧金山湾区法律援助开始了她的法律服务职业生涯, and has experience with all aspects of resource development, donor relations, grants management, and nonprofit communications. Ana earned a B.A. in English from the University of California, Berkeley, 以及波士顿大学(Boston University)的非营利管理和市场营销MBA学位.

Contact: 617-603-1805; Email: acruz@natsume-lab.com

Lili Ibara is standing and smiling at the camera. She has on a dark jacket, white scarf, and teal shirt.
Liliana Ibara Deputy Director

Lili Ibara,副主任,最初于2011年作为一名志愿律师加入GBLS. Her career has been focused on social work and law, with a special interest in the combination of law and community organizing. During her tenure at GBLS, she has been a fellow with the Housing and Consumer Rights Units, representing post-foreclosure homeowners in eviction actions, and also a staff attorney in the Employment Unit, focused on low-wage immigrant workers. Most recently, 她曾担任东北大学法学院公共利益倡导与合作中心董事总经理, returning to GBLS in March 2020. She holds a J.D. from Boston University School of Law and an M.S.W. from the University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration.

Contact: 617-603-1805; Email: libara@natsume-lab.com

Headshot of Dan Manning. 丹穿着一件浅蓝色的衬衫和一条浅颜色的领带,站在一堵紫色的墙前.
Daniel Manning Associate Director/Litigation Director

丹·曼宁于1973年开始在当时的波士顿法律援助项目(Boston Legal Assistance Project)担任专职律师. 他后来成为多切斯特一个社区办事处的管理律师,之后又成为GBLS的诉讼主任. He has worked in almost all the areas covered by GBLS: housing, family law, welfare, child welfare, employment, disability benefits, immigration, and health law.  As director of litigation, 他负责监督主要的倡导活动,并确保GBLS有效利用其资源,为所有客户提供高质量的代表. For the past decade, 他一直积极代表残疾人处理案件, including efforts to make public transportation and healthcare accessible.

Contact: 617-603-1805; Email: dmanning@natsume-lab.com

Joanne Sanders, Director of Finance, is wearing a purple shirt and scarf and seated in front of a window.
Joanne Sanders Chief Financial Officer

Joanne Sanders, CFO, joined GBLS in 2014. As part of the senior management team, Joanne, working with her accounting team, 负责监督大波士顿法律服务的所有财务方面. Her responsibilities include strategic financial planning, maintaining external financial relationships, 编制财务报表,管理年度财务审计. Joanne于1986年至1997年在GBLS担任主计长. 

Sanders在金融领域20多年的职业生涯,包括在非营利组织任职,如Common Impact,在那里她最近担任了两个职位:财务总监和财务顾问. 在担任财务总监期间,Joanne管理了该组织的日常财务活动. In her capacity as Finance Consultant, 乔安妮管理着来自全球公司的志愿者团队,帮助高潜力的非营利客户实施能力建设项目.

Joanne也是南岸特许学校(South Shore Charter School)的创始团队经理和财务总监, one of the first independent public charter schools in Massachusetts. Joanne earned her B.S. in Business Management at the University of Massachusetts.

Contact: 617-603-1805; Email: jsanders@natsume-lab.com


Two Happy Women


“玛格丽特”是一名成功的房地产经纪人,多次不幸使她从一个对社会有贡献的人变成了无家可归的人. 多年后,她解决了巨额税收债务,帮助她重新走上了一条富有成效的道路. In the early 2000s Margaret was selling…